There are several planned changes for NDTMS CDS M that will come into effect on 1st April. It is essential that these changes have been implemented within your forms and procedures so that you are recording the correct information.

The Halo system has already been updated and validated ready for roll out on 1st April.

The areas of change are:
1. Introduction of new CDS M fields
– Adults and Young People

  • software system and version used
  • smoking cessation (SIR)

– Adults only

  • religion or belief
  • Disability
  • sexual orientation
  • patterns of tobacco use (TOP)

2. Removed items (removed from NDTMS schema)

  • drinking days more than binge limit
  • AUDIT score
  • smoking status
  • treatment goal
  • sexual orientation (local field)

3. Prisons will now be referred to as secure settings.

For more information on these changes visit the NTA website

Take a look at our Substance Misuse page for more detail or for a demo of Halo get in touch

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