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Case management systems have been around for a long time. Not all of them are up to date with the latest working processes. We’ve put together a list of where most systems fall short. Find out what your missing and whether it could be time to upgrade. 

What are the common issues? 


You have to input data in multiple places 

A modern case management system should be designed around your forms and processes. A back office system will often see you flicking through multiple tabs to find where to input data – Segregated and time consuming.

You are still using Outlook to discuss clients 

With GDPR and ever stringent data controls all of your clients information and data should be kept within the system. A good case management system will allow you to talk around case files without having to use other software. That way everything is recorded against the client and kept secure. Some systems even allow for instant messaging.

Your reporting isn’t automated 

If your still having to construct your reports manually then your system isn’t saving you the time it should be. You should be able to run all of your KPI’s automatically at any given interval. Your data can even be send off to a repository for you. 

You don’t get alerts 

A modern system should make your life as easy as possible. This means alerts for tasks and assessments. Appointment reminders mean you don’t miss anything important and can manage your time as efficiently as possible. 

You’re still using paper 

Perhaps you’ve slipped back into old habits, or your system just doesn’t do everything you need it to. A complete case management system should revolutionise your processes and leave you completely paperless. 


Time for change 

If these issues sound familiar then it’s time to look at your options. There are many systems on the market all offering a range of fantastic modules and features.  Take a look at Halo’s case management software designed specifically for health and social care services like you. 

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