Homeless woman as a result of domestic violence

 Ministers must root out domestic violence by changing policies that prevent victims from getting help


Labour MP Neil Coyle recently launched a report in Parliament. It stated that in order to reduce homelessness, ministers must “root out” domestic violence by changing policies that prevent victims from getting help.


The SafeLives report included research by charity St Mungo’s. Figures show that 32 percent of women they helped said domestic violence was a factor contributing to their homelessness. 35 percent said they slept rough to escape violence at home.


The study suggests that a lack of refuges and council housing leaves victims with no choice but to sleep rough to escape violence. SafeLives chief executive Suzanne Jacob said, “Above all, we need to prioritise early intervention and hold perpetrators of domestic abuse to account. we need to stop expecting survivors to leave their home and hide, while the perpetrators remain at the home, unchallenged and unaccountable,”


The report comes after concerns where raised that the new benefits system makes it easier for perpetrators to seize and control family income, preventing partners from leaving home.


The government has already committed £40 million until 2020 to support domestic abuse projects. A review of services funding is also being carried out this summer.


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The full story can be read here. Or visit the SafeLives website for further information.


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