There are several planned changes for NDTMS CDS O that will come into effect on 1st April. It is essential that these changes have been implemented within your forms and procedures so that you are recording the correct information ready for your May upload.


There are some small changes to the NDTMS reporting requirements:


– Dropped Headers

  • Client provided with any other recovery
    support elements
  • Treatment sub interventions related to psychosocial


-New Reference Data Items

  • Ethnicity – Unknown
  • Children in touch with early help or children’s social care – Client declined to answer
  • Intervention exit – Released from court
  • Discharge reason – Onward referral offered and refused



  • Agency, Client and Client ID moved to ‘Client Section’
  • Postcode amended to clarify it should be truncated
  • Injection status definition clarified to refer to 28 days prior to custody
  • Interventions confirm updated to confirm that naltrexone pre-release record naltrexone prescribing at any point during the custodial stay
  • Legal Highs field description changes to New Psychoactive Substances “NPS”
  • Age substance first used field updated from legal highs to NPS
  • Young Persons Outcome Records clarified how tor record “not used”
  • Sentenced definition updated – must be completed for all clients upon release
  • Referred to Hep C treatment clarification – Needs to be completed by all clients upon release
  • Links to NTA website updated




Take a look at Halo for Substance Misuse services to find out how you can make your NDTMS reporting easier. More information on NDTMS can be found on the government website.






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