Halo System for Mental Health Services

The Kings Fund Study on Mental Health


According to a study carried out by The King’s Fund NHS physical health services are still receiving much higher funding than their mental health services. Between 2016-2017 the NHS mental health trusts saw a 2.5% increase in budget compared to a 6% increase for acute trusts and those providing specialist care. This comes as a result of national funding focusing on relieving pressure on acute hospitals.


However, this is not the only concern for these services. 1 in 10 positions in specialist mental health services currently stand vacant leaving mental health trusts struggling to staff services. More than half of the 54 trusts are struggling with staffing problems. Since 2009 the number of nurses in this field has dropped by a staggering 13%.


The Future for Mental Health Services


The Care Quality Commission’s reports across all mental health trusts are showing a worrying increased risk to patient safety. Five years after ministers pledged to create a “Parity of Esteem” between NHS physical and mental health services, this leaves us with one question. What does the future hold for our countries mental health services?


Halo for Mental Health


Tight budgets and low staff numbers mean it is more important than ever for services to manage their caseloads in the most efficient way possible. Halo System will revolutionize your client management so you can deliver the best care. Save time and money with Halo’s day to day tools. Arrange all of your appointments and assessments with the integrated team calendar, and get crystal clear insights with Halo’s reporting and graphing tools. Tailored to your needs for your service.

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The full report can be found from The Kings Fund here

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