Types of communication covered under new AIS

The aim of the standard is to ensure that disabled service users (having a communication need relating to disability, impairment or sensory loss) have access to information they are able to understand and achieve an accurate dialogue with the professional.

The deadline for action is 31st July, before this date every part of the service provision will need to be assessed in order to identify and implement changes as necessary to meet the Standard.

As part of these changes services need to ensure:

  • The workforce has a high level of awareness and are able to implement the standard – training should be recorded
  • Admin, record systems and documentation adhere to the standard
  • Needs identified should be highly visible on the client record and reviewed regularly
  • Standard letters are not sent if inappropriate
  • An accessible communication policy is publicly available
  • There is an appropriate complaints/feedback procedure in place

Any risks associated with implementation of the standard must be identified and mitigating actions completed to ensure residual risks are as low as possible by the deadline.

Click the link for a full list of communication needs that have to be provided.

For more information visit the NHS England website.

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