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A stand alone Halo system to track and improve Naloxone delivery
Halo Naloxone system Reporting
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Dorset - Naloxone Launch

The Naloxone programme launch in Dorset was featured on BBC news in early December.

Tracking their distribution was another thing they could do within their established Halo system.

Halo works well capturing the required data for Naloxone. The tool supports improvement in the distribution process and provides usage information for outcome monitoring.

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How the Tool works
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Beyond Tracking
You can easily track numbers in a spreadsheet, so why opt for Halo?


  1. Are all clients covered?  Starting with an expected distribution based on the number of clients using opiates, Halo graphing shows your progress
  2. Are all carriers trained?  Use a simple filter to see a list and arrange training as necessary
  3. Are all distributed kits still in date?  Intuitive filtering allows you to see expired kits and re-issue as needed

Usage – what can we learn to help improve the usage?

  1. Halo graphing shows potential use, this is the first step in understanding why Naloxone wasn’t administered
    Perhaps the carrier didn’t have their kit with them or they were unsure on the right approach as the training was not effective or a long time ago
  2. By recording all known overdoses and potential usage you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your programme
The Halo Naloxone Management Tool lets you properly manage the process
and show how to fully enable and support your carriers to save lives.
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