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``I must say the new calendar functions are absolutely amazing and are making my job so much easier.``

Tim Greenhalgh

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The Caseload Manager shows the list of clients currently using the substance misuse service
Halo Caseload Manager
What's included?
Supporting complex substance misuse cases means you need an all-encompassing system
This list isn't exhaustive but hopefully gives you an idea of how comprehensive Halo is
Manage Episodes

Referral Management

  • Wizard feature guides you through the process
  • Use any available formsets
  • Checks against previous clients to avoid duplicate records

Assessment Forms

  • Halo forms are configured to your requirements
  • New forms are pre-filled based on data available via sharing
  • Referrals from other teams will provide current data as prefill
  • Pre-filled data shows its age by colour coding
  • All mandatory data such NDTMS is embedded
  • All data updates are logged in the audit trail

Event Journals

  • Global Event journal shows all client events
  • Specific journals provide data specific columns
  • Filtering function
  • Form Editing
  • History and comparison feature

Client Console

  • Complete case management including care plans and outcome monitoring
  • Headline Dashboard overview
  • Episode Timeline
  • Console panel provides configurable display of status lists and tools

Caseload Manager

  • Filter client records by Team or Worker
  • View Client status
  • Filter for clients
  • Colour coded (traffic light) alerts
  • Direct access to contact form
  • Direct access to event journals


  • Worker and client calendars
  • Book 1:1s and clinic slots
  • Display clinics by worker, locality or purpose
  • Manage group sessions eg attendance, notes etc
  • All notes cascade to client’s file
  • Recur clinics on weekly or monthly basis


  • High Volume batch runs
  • Singles or batch printing
  • Auto incrementing
  • Serial Number management
  • Pharmacy Setup
  • Bank Holiday and weekly closure days
  • Script finder

Stored Documents

  • Upload any file or scanned document
    (drag and drop feature)
  • Create a repository of correspondence and activity
  • Filter by type or date
  • Add comments to help identify key files
  • Search function

Mail Merge

  • Any number of template documents
  • All outputs stored in Event History
  • Users can add ad-hoc details


  • Always up-to-date new NDTMS data-sets
  • All NDTMS data is captured in front line assessment forms
  • NDTMS Data preview available
  • NDTMS extract and file validation is pre-run nightly
  • Validation is embedded into forms
  • Validation reports show errors per team, rule and worker
  • Unique click and fix feature for any NDTMS errors

Outcome Tools

  • Automated TOP alerts for workers
  • TOP – AOR and YPOR aware
  • Full historic and planning reporting
  • TOP tracker graphing
  • TOP change reporting

KPI Summary

  • User created Saved Reports are run automatically every night
  • Nightly output is compiled into the KPI Summary for ‘at a glance’ access
  • Contract compliance at a glance
  • User generated auto-run reports
  • Auto reports create graph panels
  • Graphs support series filtering


  • Aggregate reporting with a single click
  • Create Saved Reports
  • Select any columns
  • Create filters
  • Multi column sorting
  • Multi series graphing
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``Oh wow….I like that….``

Karen Barrett

``Thank you for all of your help from the start, in terms of the system implementation and getting Halo up and running, I can’t see how it could have gone any smoother``

Jack Layton