Key Features
Take a look at our key features to give you an insight into how Halo works

The caseload manager is your main home screen. The following is a quick introduction to some of the functionality on this page.

  • Direct access to event journals
  • Colour coded (traffic light) alerts
  • Direct access to contact form
  • Open forms for action
  • Filter client records by Team or Worker
  • Filter for clients or alert type

As the centre of everything you do, the client console allows you to access a lot of information. This video gives a very brief overview.

  • Complete case management
  • Access care plans and outcomes
  • Headline Dashboard overview
  • Episode Timeline
  • Access to stored documents
  • Mail merge and messaging

Adding a referral is quick and easy with Halo’s wizard. The following video will take you through the steps.

  • Wizard feature guides you through the process
  • Use any available formsets
  • Checks against previous clients to avoid duplicate records

Showing the prescribing search function below, you can see the options available. The module also allows batch printing and a bank holiday function for linked pharmacies.

Halo Prescribing search
  • High Volume batch runs
  • Singles or batch printing
  • Auto incrementing
  • Serial Number management
  • Pharmacy Setup
  • Bank Holiday and weekly closure days

Halo has an automatic validation feature which takes you to each episode showing any errors. This is shown below.

  • NDTMS extract and validation pre-run nightly
  • Validation reports show errors per team, rule and worker
  • Unique click and fix feature for NDTMS errors

Set up KPI reports for monthly or quarterly reviews. These are automatically updated so you’ll always see the most up to date information.

Halo KPI Dashboard
  • User generated auto-run reports
  • Auto reports create graph panels
  • Graphs support series filtering
  • Saved Reports run automatically every night
  • Nightly output in KPI Summary
  • Contract compliance at a glance

The image below shows the start of a standard comprehensive assessment form. There is always the option of swapping in your own bespoke form.

Halo forms
  • Halo forms configured to your requirements
  • Pre-filled fields avoid re-capturing data
  • New forms are pre-filled based on data sharing
  • Data from other teams will provide pre-fill
  • All mandatory NDTMS is embedded
  • All data updates are logged in the audit trail

Halo has a number of options to show your outcomes. This is the most basic, a TOPs tracker report, it can be accessed through the client console at any time.

Halo TOPs outcomes
  • Automated TOP alerts for workers
  • TOP – AOR and YPOR aware
  • Full historic and planning reporting
  • TOP tracker graphing
  • TOP change reporting

The calendar has many unique functions. Here we show you how to add a new event.

  • Worker and client calendars
  • Book 1:1s and clinic slots
  • Display clinics by worker, locality or purpose
  • Manage groups eg attendance, notes
  • All notes cascade to client’s file
  • Recur clinics on weekly or monthly basis

Halo’s reporting function is extensive but very easy to use. The below screen is starting from scratch, but you can also save reports to use again.

Halo reporting tools options
  • Aggregate reporting with a single click
  • Create Saved Reports
  • Select any columns
  • Create filters
  • Multi column sorting
  • Multi series graphing

The Event journal holds all of the other journals as shown below. These different screens can be navigated from within the event journal.

Halo Journals screen
  • Filtering function
  • Form Editing
  • History and comparison feature
  • Global Event journal shows all client events
  • Specific journals provide data specific columns

The stored documents module sits within the client console. You can add any type of document then filter by notes or date or episode/journey. Here’s a quick snapshot.

  • Filter by type or date
  • Add comments to help identify key files
  • Search function
  • Upload any file type (drag and drop feature)
  • Create a repository of correspondence and activity

Allowing for single or batch run, the mail merge feature can hold all of your letter templates with the option to change dates before printing. Below is the main screen for mail merge.

Halo mail Merge feature
  • Any number of templates documents
  • All outputs stored in Event History
  • Users can add ad-hoc notes and content