Halo for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse
Domestic Violence Caseload Manager
Domestic Violence KPI Dashboard
Halo supports your
process from prevention
through to recovery
and it’s optimised
for partnership working.
Why Halo for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse?

Halo is helping you put an end to Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. We understand the importance of partnership working and want to offer supporting from prevention through to recovery.

It is real simple to add a new case in Halo. The forms are set up to ensure the information is collected in an efficient manner and can be used to monitor outcomes to help improve the service provision.

Integrated Referrals
  • Referrals via public screening portal
  • View clients known to other local services
  • Allocate cases by location / type
  • Need / risk status for planning and progress tracking
and Assessments
  • Secure team calendar
  • Book one-to-one or group sessions
  • Client notes filter through to contacts
  • Stored documents facility
  • Mail merge and SMS feature
  • Outstanding / declined referrals
  • Cross reference of services
  • Outcomes
  • Wait times
  • Automated graphing for KPIs

Showing a list of your clients along with alerts for tasks due soon. Add a contact note or see their progress in one click.

Domestic Violence Caseload Manager
  • One click to event journals
  • Colour coded timed alerts
  • One click to add a contact
  • Click alerts to open forms for action
  • Filter records by Team or Worker
  • Filter for clients or alert type

The client console gives you to access to all information relating to the client.

DVSA Client console
  • Holds all data pertaining to the client
  • Access risk assessments and outcomes
  • Headline Treatment dashboard
  • Episode Timeline showing forms and dates
  • Stored documents in any formats
  • Mail merge and  text messaging functionality

This page shows your KPI results in a graph form. These are updated nightly so you’ll always see the most up to date information.

Domestic Violence KPI Dashboard
  • Contract compliance at a glance
  • User generated auto-run reports

Automated KPI reports for monthly or quarterly reviews. These are updated nightly so you’ll always see the most up to date information.

Halo KPI Summary
  • Contract compliance at a glance
  • User generated auto-run reports
  • Create graph panels from data
  • Reports run automatically every night
  • KPI Summary dashboard graph view
  • Graphs support series filtering

The image below shows the top of a standard comprehensive assessment form. It is your choice to use standard forms or your own bespoke form.

Halo Comprehensive Risk Form
  • Forms configured to your requirements
  • Fields will pre-fill from existing forms
  • Data sharing restrictions are available
  • Data from other teams will provide pre-fill
  • All data changes are logged in an audit trail

Halo has a number of options to show your outcomes. The outcome star can be changed to include your preferred criteria.

Halo Outcome Polar chart

The calendar has many functions that will help your team stay organised and more efficient around appointments. Here we show you how to add a new event.

  • Book one-to-one or group sessions
  • Display clinics by worker, locality or purpose
  • Recur clinics on weekly or monthly basis
  • Easily manage groups eg attendance, notes
  • All notes cascade to client’s file

Halo’s reporting function is extensive but very easy to use. Below is the reporting wizard, after running a report, you can save them to use again and again.

Halo reporting wizard
  • Aggregate reporting with a single click
  • Filter raw data
  • Sort across multiple columns
  • Create graphs across multiple series
  • Report on demographic data
  • Report on worker processes

The Event journal holds all of the other journals as shown below. These different screens can be navigated from within the event journal.

Halo Event Journals
  • Filtering function
  • View data for one episode or complete client history
  • History and comparison feature
  • Global Event journal shows all client events
  • Specific journals provide data specific columns

The stored documents module is found in the client console. You can add any type of document then filter by notes, date or episode/journey. Here’s a quick snapshot.

  • Filter by type or date
  • Add notes to help identify key files
  • Search files by notes
  • Upload any file type (drag and drop feature)
  • Create a repository of correspondence and activity

Allowing for single or batch run, the mail merge feature can hold all of your letter templates with the option to change selected data before printing. Below is the mail merge screen.

Halo mail merge
  • Any number of templated documents
  • All outputs stored in Event History
  • Users can add ad-hoc notes and content
  • Print one or a batch of letters
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