Making a difference requires the right tools
The features of the Halo system have been developed using our extensive experience in client services

Worker Dashboard

Admin Features

Easy Reporting

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Clinical Tools

You're in excellent company
Halo has been driving client care, nationwide, for over a decade and here's why
''I can’t see how it could have gone any smoother.''

“I think we all (services included) achieved one of the most well managed migrations I have heard of.”

Jack Layton (SCC)

''The system is robust, user friendly and innovative.''

“I have reviewed many of the case management systems on the market and I believe in Halo we have the best on the market.”

Richard Saunders (Swanswell)

Halo is being used across a multitude of sectors and supports the Complex Lives working model
Client Centered Services
Halo provides case management software for the following health and wellbeing services

Substance Misuse Services – NDTMS

Drug or alcohol recovery services for adults or young people, or for services that offer them all.

Public Health Services

Smoking cessation, weight loss and wellness features for single or multi agency working.

Supporting People

Assessment, reporting tools and data extracts for Supporting People services.

Mental Health Services

Outcome monitoring and assessment tools with measuring change toolkit.

Complex Lives

Halo can link any group of services into a single virtual service with the client at the centre.